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Our mission

Wakonyu Orphans project’s mission is to restore life and hope to aged adopting guardians and adopted HIV/ AIDS orphans

Adopt a family

We are currently able to support around 60 families with health insurance. We would love to increase this number and help more homes.

You could support a family by donating 500 kenyan shilling (5 euros) a month.

John’s story

John has been a member since the start of Wakonyu. He works as a taylor to provide for his five grandchildren, that he and his wife have adopted. All of his (adopted) children are registered under the NHIF insurance card.

“I am very grateful to Wakonyu for taking care of us for all these years, especially since I fall sickly very often. If it hadn’t been for Wakonyu, I wouldn’t have been here.”

John has suffered from typhoid and pneumonia on several occasions and he was able to get treated with the NHIF insurance card, paid for him by Wakonyu.

Jane’s story

Jane has seven children that she is taking care of , three of them are orphans. She says that the medical insurance card, that Wakonyu pays for, has helped her manage her ulcers and help treat the children, especially the orphans, whenever they are sick

Hellen’s story

Meet Hellen a fishmonger in Nyalenda. She is taking care of five orphans, all of them are HIV positive. She says Wakonyu has helped her a lot with her arthritis and the health treatments for her children.

Unfortunatly Wakonyu is currently not able to provide her and her family with the means for treatment due to financial reasons. We hope the situation will improve in future so that she can continue to access medical services.